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Instructor Certification for Trainers (HINSTT) CA-027-RESP

Instructor Certification for Trainers: This course trains participants to be a course manager for a CSTI-certified hazmat course. Thee content of the course focuses on CSTI policies involved in teaching a CSTI-certified course. Prior training experience is a prerequisite.

The 2-day course includes the following subjects.
• Components of the CSTI hazmat training program
• Laws and regulations that apply to hazmat training
• Description of the CSTI hazmat curricula
• Certification procedures for state-certified hazmat classes
• Summary of the CSTI testing and safety policies

The course combines a variety of training techniques including lectures, class activities and tabletop exercises. In addition, each class participant will give one presentation on a topic they select.

Course Length: 2 days (16 hours) Course Code: HINSTT

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