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ACP Presents: Business Continuity in Earthquake Country

Topic: FEMA’s New Seismic Resilience Program

This month’s presentation introduces participants to workable, innovative solutions designed to keep businesses open following earthquakes. Going beyond building code requirements, we’ll learn about FEMA’s new seismic resilience program. It’s designed to provide guidance on how to retrofit buildings and work areas to prevent or minimize damage caused by earthquakes. The presentation will also cover new technology for securing items in work areas, as well as funding options to assist organizations in tackling some low hanging fruit that can pay real dividends following major earthquakes.

Our first speaker:

Glen Granholm is a forty-year veteran in management and marketing. Glen joined SAFE-T-PROOF in 2006, where he helped manage Los Angeles area operations and projects involving clients such as City of Hope National Medical Center, Adobe Systems and Johnson and Johnson. In 2007 he was instrumental in the company receiving recognition in the international “Out of the Box” contest, sponsored by UPS, where SAFE-T-PROOF was named “One of the Most Innovative Companies in the World.”


Topic: OasisPlus Business Continuity Technology for Earthquake Management

 OasisPlus is a technology platform designed to provide the tools and information you need to control impact, minimize downtime, and reinforce crisis management with effective communications before, during, and after earthquakes. It delivers earthquake business continuity by helping you:
·  Avoid unnecessary evacuations and business process interruptions to secure ongoing critical operations
·  Enable better-informed decision making during earthquakes to mitigate the risk of business disruptions
·  Minimize expensive downtime and distress

Buildings in regions with earthquake hazards are especially subject to business interruption.

OasisPlus provides a complete earthquake management solution to help increase the preparedness of your response team and enhance the safety of your workplace occupants.

Our next speakers:

Mauricio Ciudad-Real joined Kinemetrics in 1995, and is an expert in structural health and seismic monitoring. He has spent his career at the forefront of the drive to expand the application of high-quality seismic data in the real-time monitoring of structures of all types. He currently leads the management of Structural Health and Nuclear Power Plant Seismic Monitoring Programs at Kinemetrics, and heads up the OasisPlus team.

Brandon Parrott is a product development executive who has been bringing innovative products to market for more than 20 years. Prior to joining Kinemetrics, he was most recently Vice President, Product Management, at higi, LLC, and before that he was Vice President, Product and Innovation at PharmaTrust. Brandon has deep knowledge in security solutions, healthcare, and consumer-facing mobile applications.

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A special thanks to:

Kinemetrics Inc., for sponsoring the March ACP-LA meeting.

Kinemetrics is committed to excellence in delivering the most trusted earthquake monitoring products, solutions and services in the world today. Through innovations that matter, Kinemetrics is the premier partner for those who seek actionable solutions that take seismic research and resilience further, faster.

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