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Specialist Level: Module G - CA-014-RESP

Specialist Level - Module G: “G” week consists of various scenarios that are conducted to challenge the students from both an ICS management position, and
a hands-on offensive control / decontamination team position. All the Students training from A-D weeks and “F” week will be challenged from a classroom setting to field “hands” on scenarios.

Pre-requisite: Hazardous Materials Technician Level (Modules A-D).

Specialist Level - Modules F-G: This course consists of two one-week modules that provides the highest level of training competency available for Hazardous Materials Team members.

Participants have the opportunity to train at Cal OES/CSTI’s Hazardous Materials Field Exercise Facility, containing extensive props, or the off-site mobile training trailer. Training includes advanced chemical identification, repair techniques for cargo tanks and railcars, and extensive scenarios to hone the participant’s response skills.

The Specialist series meets OSHA requirements under Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.120(q) and the California Code of Regulations Title 8, Section 5192(q).

Course Length: 40 hours (Each level) Course Code: HSG
CA-Approval: CA-014-RESP

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