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Emergency Management Instructor Enhancement (EMIE)

Emergency Management Instructor Enhancement (EMIE): To become certified to teach one of the CSTI Emergency Management “Outreach” Courses you must take this one day Instructor Enhancement Course. The Instructor

Enhancement course focuses on:
• Development of training skills including adult learning techniques • Course Preparation Issues
• Delivery Methodologies
• Procedures to certify your CSTI EM Outreach Course
• Evaluation of your presentation skills

Once you have taken this one day course you will not have to take it again, as long as your certification is in good standing, even though you might be seeking certification in additional courses.

In addition to taking this particular course, you are also required to take the IE/EM TTT or have an IE/EM TTT Certificate issued by CSTI. 

Course flyer, click here. Course registration, click here