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Hazardous Materials Assistant Safety Officer (HASO) CA-006-PROT

Hazardous Materials Assistant Safety O cer (HASO): is course concentrates on safe hazardous materials incident operations are critical to response and containment. Students will begin by assessing the incident as a “big picture” and learn to maintain site safety and control.

The HASO course is designed to meet the training needs of the Assistant Safety O cer position in the incident command system.

Topics Include:
• ASO effectiveness
• Analysis techniques
• Safety messages/meetings
• Briefings and Reports
• Hazardous materials operations

Prerequisite: The HASO course is intended for those who have been state certi ed to the Hazardous Materials Technician or Specialist level.

Course Length: 16 hours Course Code: HASO
CA Approval: CA-006-PROT 

Course Flyer here.