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Essential EOC Action Planning TTT (G-626E) - CA-007-COMM-1

Essential EOC Action Planning TTT (G-626E) - CA-007-COMM-1: This course
is intended to state certify instructors so they can offer the CSTI/Cal OES approved Essentials of Action Planning Course. Once the instructor is certified as an Outreach Instructor, he/she will be able to request state certification from CSTI/Cal OES for the students attending the “Outreach” Essentials of Action Planning Course.

Target Audience: Emergency Management/Response personnel from all levels of government, private industry, tribal nations and volunteer organizations with good training skills.

Desired Pre-Reqs: IS-700, IS-800, ICS 100, SEMS Intro, G-775 (EOC Ops), G-191 (ICS/EOC Interface). In addition to taking this particular course, you are also required to take the IE/EM TTT or have an IE/EM TTT Certificate issued by CSTI.

Course Length: 8 hours Course Code: G626-E CA-007-COMM-1 

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