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Officer Safety and Field Tactics in a Terrorism Environment

  • Camp San Luis Obispo Cal OES/CSTI 10 Sonoma Avenue, Building 904 San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 (map)

This course concentrates on strategies and tactics that officers can effectively employ when responding to a terrorist act. Rooted in the concepts of Fourth Generation Warfare, Active Shooter Response, MAC TAC and modern urban guerilla warfare, the class will focus on contemporary studies.

Participants will experience both day and night combat shooting courses on our 800-yard tactical live fire range and will participate in tactical response exercises in our urban training facilities using Simunition® marking cartridges.

The core curriculum includes the following subjects:
• The Terrorist Mindset
• Vehicle Tactics
• Terrorist Tactics
• Room Clearing
• Recognizing Terrorist Activity
• Weapon Transitioning
• Principles of Urban Counterterrorism
• Situational Awareness
• Tactical/Combat Shooting
• Tactics in Crowded Environments
• Confronting Multiple Threats
• Improvised Explosives Devices

IMPORTANT:You must be on “ON-DUTY STATUS” (covered by your agency’s workers compensation plan) while attending this course. Attendees must have completed Basic Law Enforcement Academy or PC 832 and be authorized to carry a firearm by your agency.

NOTE: This course is eligible for the use of Homeland Security Grant Program SHSP, UASI, LETPP. Homeland Security Grant funds may cover the cost of Registration, Travel, Lodging and Per Diem only, Homeland Security Grant Funds
will not cover the cost of ammunition.

Course Length: 40 hours
Course Code: OST
CA Approval: CA-054-RESP

Please contact 805-549-3535 or click here for more information.

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