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join WHS to: 

  • Enjoy dynamic networking, educational and social opportunities

  • Increase your knowledge through professional development programs

  • Gain valuable insights from subject matter experts

  • Build dynamic public-private partnerships and alliances

  • Lend your expertise and experience to educational forums and leadership opportunities

Membership is free for qualifying individuals.

Other ways to get more involved:

  • Join our Board of Directors cadre or serve on a standing committee:

    • Director of Sponsorship or Sponsorship Committee (help secure funding through Sponsors, grants and in-kind donations)

    • Membership Committee (outreach efforts to grow/diversify/retain membership)

    • Public Affairs Committee (social media, media outreach, event promotions, website)

    • Programs Committee (planning programs and events, securing speakers, event logistics)

    • Ambassador (help to spread the word about events, raise awareness about WHS)

  • Serving as a mentor

  • Offering my place of business as a meeting or event venue

  • Offering my expertise as a presenter