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Are you interested in being a member?  We hope so! 

Membership in WHS SoCal affords you access to a phenomenal network of other members, discounts for WHS events, discounts for partner events, and lots of other fantastic things that we have in the pipeline.  Plus you’ll be added to our distro list and be in the know about lots of great happenings!  100% the “fee” for membership goes to WHS SoCal operations (which is a great cause, we have to say) and it’s tax deductible!  We pride ourselves in being an inclusive organization so membership is open to everyone. Come one, come all!

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Other ways to get more involved:

  • Join our Board of Directors cadre or serve on a standing committee:

    • Director of Sponsorship - help secure funding through Sponsors, grants and in-kind donations

    • Membership Committee - outreach efforts to grow/diversify/retain membership

    • Public Affairs Committee - social media, media outreach, event promotions, website

    • Programs Committee - planning programs and events, securing speakers, event logistics

    • Ambassador - help to spread the word about events, raise awareness about WHS

  • Serving as a mentor or being a mentee

  • Offering my place of business as a meeting or event venue

  • Offering my expertise as a presenter