2019 Awards

2019 WHS SoCal Awards


Call for Nominations 

On July 10, 2019, WHS SoCal will hold its second annual awards ceremony, celebrating the talented women who advance the field of homeland security on the daily through their dedication, innovation, and passion. Tickets for the award ceremony will go live soon… Until then, submit your nomination! We will accept them until June 10th!

Both WHS and non-WHS members can nominate someone or be nominated.  The award categories are as follows: 

Trailblazer award

  • Woman with less than ten years of experience in the field of homeland security

  • Exceptional performances early on

  • Stands out within her area of focus

  • Forward thinking innovator

  • Shares enthusiasm and dedication for the field

Pinnacle award

  • Woman with more than ten years of experience in the field of homeland security

  • Has made significant contributions to the field of homeland security through emergency response, research or teaching

  • Inspires and encourages personal and professional development in others

  • Serves as a mentor and role model to other women in the field

  • Impeccable professionalism and track record

Ripple Effect Award 

  • Woman who leads programs benefiting the community at large

  • Chooses to utilize her skills and her profession to do good for society

  • Establishes and maintains partnerships with community stakeholders

  • Volunteers on her free time for local or national nonprofit organizations


  • Company with an outstanding security/disaster program 

  • Demonstrates commitment to readiness 

  • Innovative in approaches to being resilient 

The winners will be honored at the 2019 WHS SoCal Luncheon on July 10th. 

Submit your nomination today!

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You can only nominate the individual, company or yourself for one award category. Award category descriptions are listed at the top of the page.
If you can, please include a 150 to 250 word bio of the candidate. If you are nominating a company, add its mission.
Please review the award criteria at the top of the page very carefully and list and describe the nominee's accomplishments in detail. - Trailblazer Award: How has the individual so early on in her career started conquering the field? - Pinnacle Award: How has the individual left long lasting impressions on our field with her significant achievements in her long career? - Ripple Effect Award: How has the individual contributed to making her community safer and/or more resilient to disasters? - Resilience Award: How does the for-profit company demonstrate commitment to readiness?