Women in Homeland Security - Southern California

Women in Homeland Security


Working Together

Welcome to Women in Homeland Security – Southern California!  We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to providing a platform for women in our industry to build relationships, grow in expertise, and contribute to philanthropic causes.  We reach 300+ women in emergency management, fire, law enforcement, defense, crisis management, cyber security and more.  Since our founding, our events have featured experts from the FBI, UNICEF, California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, Homeland Security Advisory Council, American Red Cross, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Port of Los Angeles/Port of Long Beach and the City of Los Angeles Fire Department – with more to come. 

WHS is a great forum to raise up and support our exceptional peers – Trailblazers. Change Makers. Women.  So check out our rich community and join us. 

Big News


We network

Our members represent a broad spectrum, including law enforcement, emergency management, crisis management, cyber security, counter-terrorism and disaster preparedness and response.


We learn together

We foster a collaborative environment for women to learn about the discipline and share best practices in the prevention, protection and response to any type of incident.


we give back

Our goal is to have each WHS event tied to a philanthropic cause be it to help support relief efforts underway, mentorship of women new to our field, or sponsor of response/readiness organizations.

Our Next WHS Event


2019 Awards Ceremony

Join us for our next WHS event and learn about transformational leaders and how you can make an impact! This event will also double as our Annual Awards Ceremony so come prepared to celebrate those who have made a positive impact over the past year.

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